Keeping DEI
Top of Mind

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What’s the greatest challenge to diversity and inclusion? Find out through this interactive presentation. You’ll learn how to help team members use their voices as catalysts for understanding and change so that they, and your organization, reach their full potential. You’ll learn the importance of systems thinking as you develop impactful recommendations to push your organizations to do better!

HR Vision
of the Future

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Team members today have more employment opportunities than ever, with expectations reshaped by the pandemic. Learn how to create a workplace that differentiates your work culture with an HR vision of the future focused on human-centered, individualized approaches that engage and include your team.

How Will You
Be Remembered?

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Leaders are the key to maximizing employee engagement, productivity, and retention. Learn how to build a human-centered leadership brand by understanding how your stakeholders view you and the importance of being the author of your own life story.