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Why is it important to have “systems” thinking at the forefront when making recommendations to dismantle disparate outcomes in the DEI space?

I am a proponent of making recommendations that are systematic to address root causes leading to disparities in outcomes we see highlighted through data. My focus in the work is on policies, procedures, and practices. I refer to those as the 3 Ps. Policies need to be reviewed to ensure they are not leading to inequities. Many policies have continued to exist without regular review and are not aligned to be reflective of current workplace practices. Procedures are just as important as written policies.

If an organization has a procedure in place that does not allow for diverse perspectives to be considered, it could lead to an offensive ad, for example, which could be irreparably damaging to a company’s reputation. I always highlight the point that if the policies and procedures that you have formalized are not being enforced or practiced, it could lead to continued unfavorable outcomes.

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